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Rehabilitation of the water-supply and sewerage networks of Smolyan

One of the hardest projects we have worked on so far. Excavation is in different soils - from weak and wet to solid rock. The works are carried out in narrow streets and steep slopes.

The employer is the Ministry of Environment and Water and we are working as part of "Copasa-Pons-Vod" consortium. Our part of the project consists of more than 12 000m of street sewer collectors with diameters of OD315 to OD1000 and over 14 000m water mains and pressure pipelines from pump stations to reservoirs.

We are using steel trench shoring and special 'walking' excavators for steep slopes. To enable construction also in winter time, most of the overflows and manholes are designed and constructed by us with precast elements and PE and reinforced concrete pipes DN1000 to DN2100.

"Focus News" did a report on the works we are carrying out